SRA programs focus on empowering our youth with skills that set them up for success! We want our students to achieve their future goals, whether it’s graduating high school and attending college, getting a job, going into the military, or starting a business. We know that in order to reach our goals, we have to have a healthy and future-oriented mindset. We are confident that our relationship education curriculum teaches our students how to avoid risks and set high expectations so they can achieve their goals. 

We believe that our youth are better able to thrive when they avoid risky behaviors. That’s why we are passionate about going into the classrooms and teaching a risk avoidance message! A risk avoidance approach encourages avoiding risky behaviors and the elimination of all associated risks and consequences to achieve optimal sexual health. We define risk primarily as the key teen risky behaviors of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sex, and violence.

Aspire teaches an Optimal Health message in our classrooms. Optimal Health is not merely the absence of disease… it’s promoting physical, emotional, social, mental/intellectual and spiritual health. Students, we believe that you have intrinsic worth and we want to show you that using our Optimal Health model! 

Our skills-based program is FUN – yes, we mean it! We use classroom demonstrations, activities, worksheets, videos and much more to show our students the importance of risk-avoidance choices. 

Students, we are so excited to meet you in your classroom! We promise it will be a time you will never forget!